Oh my god喷饭记录[LIVE]


You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: asl?
Stranger: 20
Stranger: boy
You: me too
Stranger: u
You: me too
Stranger: okay
Stranger: form ?
You: disconnect?
You: china
You: you ?
Stranger: 中文吧
You: 忘了早对暗号了
You: 春哥纯爷们
Stranger: 铁血真汉子
Stranger: D8 的?
You: 找到组织了
You: 恩 DB的
You: 几个外国人了?
You: 我一晚上遇到不倒10个
Stranger: 前天开始 今天聊了个芬兰妞
You: 好多芬兰的
Stranger: 是啊
You: 还有澳大利亚的
Stranger: 巴西
You: 据说有不少是中国人装的……
You: 我还见墨西哥的
Stranger: 有内涵
Stranger: 我还说自己是 阿富汗的
You: 现在他说是哪国人,先google一个他们国家的hello发过去
Stranger: 我对一个美国人说 圣战万岁 哈哈
You: 哈哈哈~
You: 老美啥反应?
Stranger: 直接 断开
You: 碰上日本人说达到小日本去
You: 可惜一个真的都没见……
Stranger: 我就说我是日本人 不丢咱的脸啊
You: 遇到2个最后证实都是中国人……
You: 那叫一个囧……
Stranger: 哈哈 装不下去了都
You: 那咱们继续找老外?
Stranger: 好的 握手
You: 8~
Stranger: 8

— 还有这个 —Stranger: hi
You: hi
You: chinese
Stranger: 唉
You: 继续中国人么
You: ……
You: 80% 了
You: 同唉……
Stranger: 你是女的我就继续。。。
Stranger: 哈哈
You: 你是女的我也继续。。。

You: 那就88
Stranger: 88

— 然后还顺便科普草泥马–

You: hi?
Stranger: Hi
You: chinese?
Stranger: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
You: gooooooooooooooooood
You: i’m chinese ;P
You: and you?
Stranger: My god, I’ve met too many chinese here
You: yep, me too
Stranger: I’m from Finland
You: this site is quite well known
You: oh, i’ve met many from finland too
Stranger: Yes, just two weeks
Stranger: Really?
You: yes
You: BorG?
You: I’m B , 20
Stranger: I’m living in Helsinki, and u?
You: Guilin
You: south of china
Stranger: Not a girl?
You: Not
You: Noooooot
You: so dispointted?
Stranger: It’s OK!
You: You are G?
Stranger: a little bit
You: oh B
Stranger: Same as you
You: 😉
You: there are more boys than girls here
Stranger: Is Guilin a nice place?
You: how old? student in univserity?
You: Yes
Stranger: 25
You: Really beautiful
You: you can google it
You: it’s quite a famous place to travle in china
Stranger: Can I find “Grass-mud horse” in Guilin?
You: haha, you are at the point
You: did you heard grass-mud-hourse luanguage
You: I wrote it
You: a programming language
Stranger: Yes, read it in “TIMES”
You: do you know what is grass mud hourse?
You: is sound like “Fuck your Mom” in chinese but in different word
Stranger: imaginary animal
You: in fact, it’s something about the policy
Stranger: what policy?
You: chinese goverment is destoring the freedom of the network
You: the are using devices like firewalls to stop people from seeing many thing
Stranger: Oh my god, but you never can challenge your government, am i right?
You: yep
You: so people created “grass-mud horse”
Stranger: what does it mean
You: just to against the gov in different way
You: “is sound like “Fuck your Mom” in chinese but in different word”
Stranger: Inprintable curse
You: oops
You: is sound like –Fuck your Mom–
Stranger: It’s funny
You: yes, funny
You: what’s your option to this?
Stranger: Evil river crab represent your government?
You: yes
You: river crab is also a sound word.
Stranger: How about “wo” grass?
You: it means harmonious
Stranger: PUN?
You: wo-grass? means “I Fuck”…
Stranger: Also a pun
You: river crab means to clean
Stranger: clean what?
You: the goc is going to clean the different policy option
You: or something else that is not quite illegal
You: but the gov do not like
Stranger: I SEE
You: ha ,it’s nice to tell foreigners this.
You: we need undertanding
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: I like China
You: I like too. but i don’t like the goc
You: gov
You: or the commuist party
Stranger: the river crab
You: haha~
You: do your country have something like this?
Stranger: but it’s not easy to run a big country like China, you should understand your gov.
Stranger: no
You: i understand ,but the gov did not understand us.
You: i do not like to be cheated
Stranger: So you yearn for the life of freedom and democracy
You: i think it;s time to change something.
Stranger: How about becoming a river crab?
You: no way, because only river crab’s child can be a river crab
Stranger: I see
You: nice to talk to you 😛
Stranger: You was not born in a crab family
You: yes.
Stranger: me too
You: in fact it’s diffcult to became a river crab
Stranger: I understand
You: not only skill is needed, but also money, family and friend releationship
You: skill is not the most important thing ever
Stranger: but you have to learn some skills
You: Yep, I’m right learning so
Stranger: Good boy
You: ^-^
You: i had go, see you later.~
Stranger: bye

>_<|| 我手贱!!这个有问题!绝对有问题!!一般般啦,真的很一般般。还不错哦~小表扬一下!GJ!乃就是新世界的神様了,快去拯救世界吧! (No Ratings Yet)


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